Griinsect Cricket Crackers


The crickets of this product are grown in Finland and the flavor is amazing.

Ingredients: Cornmeal, water, sunflower seed(22%), sunflower oil/rapeseed oil, flaxseed(9,5%), sesame seed(9,5%), crickets(6%), salt, fennel seed.


But letting go of what? Fear? Conformity?

We say the only thing you need to let go of is compromising on mediocre taste.

On a snowy winters day, a lively bunch of Finnish "sustainable food"-enthusiasts decided to establish Griinsect; a caring and daring modern company that lives for superior taste, improved flavor, and a better tomorrow.

Our first project was to create a savory cracker with a flavor reminiscent of a the wintery forests of Northern Scandinavia. To make our crackers even more mind blowing, we decided to use some local edible crickets!

It took our chef around 500 hours to get this recipe ready for the light of day, but here it is: Northern Forest Cricket Crackers! Wild fennel flavors combined with the nutty aromas of countryside crickets and nutritious seeds to carry you back to the ancient wintery forests of the North. Enjoy responsibly.

Enjoy responsibly

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